Why Every Part Of Your Body Is Important

Father, use these hands of mine to be an instrument of Your love, 

May these hands of mine write stories, poems, articles, and songs for Your greatness

May these hands of mine be inspired by the ideas You had for me in mind

May these hands of mine touch hearts of the weary ones

May these hands of mine change the worlds’ view on what is right in thy eyes

May these hands of mine indeed speak life to those in need

Use this hand of mine Father as Your instrument to bless the broken, the bruised, the beaten, the weary, the questioned, the insecure, the hurt, the lost, the unvalued, the unloved, and a lot more. 

I Thank You for this hand of mine, because this hand is such a blessing, on how It can impact the lives of many, towards knowing You. Thank You. 


It’s the start of summer! I can write again :))






Since school year’s over, and summer’s coming up (nearly starting though), I now can write to wordpress again! yihee! missed writing and just updating you guys about what’s going on. The last time I remember, when I had a blog, *Tumblr*, I did not much dwell on writing stuff, but rather I kept reblogging pictures over and over again, until the blog I owned was filled up with pictures of whoever I chose to reblog (which in that case, I WAS still addicted to Kpop stuff and 1D). I never had a real great time writing because of the busy schedule I had in school, and now that school’s over (although not for my whole life yet, but really praying for that day to come… soon!) I want to write again, as much as I can. 🙂 YEHEEYYY!  😀