It’s the start of summer! I can write again :))






Since school year’s over, and summer’s coming up (nearly starting though), I now can write to wordpress again! yihee! missed writing and just updating you guys about what’s going on. The last time I remember, when I had a blog, *Tumblr*, I did not much dwell on writing stuff, but rather I kept reblogging pictures over and over again, until the blog I owned was filled up with pictures of whoever I chose to reblog (which in that case, I WAS still addicted to Kpop stuff and 1D). I never had a real great time writing because of the busy schedule I had in school, and now that school’s over (although not for my whole life yet, but really praying for that day to come… soon!) I want to write again, as much as I can. 🙂 YEHEEYYY!  😀